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2015 Hawai’i County Democratic Party Convention Wrap-up

On April 25th the party held our annual county convention at the Honoka’a Intermediate and High School Cafeteria. As this was an off year convention we did not have resolutions, plat-form, and Rules changes to cover. We use these conventions to examine issues of interest to members and hold panel discussions with guest speakers that cover timely topics. The day be-gan with a brief business meeting where our main concern was electing officers to run the county party for the next two years. The results of that election are as follows: Phil Barnes - county chair, Barb Dalton - co chair for West Hawai’i, John Ervin - co chair for East Hawai’i, Amy Miwa - Treasurer, Jay Kimura - Assistant Treasurer, Gretchen Klungness - Secretary, and Brandy Lonokapu - Assistant Secretary. This group is the new Executive Committee of the Hawai’i County Democratic Party.
  After the business meeting we had our first panel discussion which was an update by state legislators on the present legislative session. Hawai’i Island House members Cliff Tsuji and Mark Nakashima were joined by Senators Gil Kahele and Josh Green. It was good to get this update as there was only a little more than a week left in the session. The second session covered how government at the local, state, and federal level work together to meet the needs of our Hawai’i Island residents. The major focus was the recent natural disasters in Puna with the June 27th lava flow and the tropical storm last fall. The county was represented by local council members Margaret Wille and Greggor Ilagan, the state representatives were Representative Joy SanBuenaventura
and Senator Russell Ruderman, the federal position was expressed by Alan Yamamoto. We broke for lunch after the second session. It was a Zero Waste lunch with local food and compostable utensils.
The first afternoon session was the opportunity for delegates and guest to meet in small groups with their County Council representatives to discuss local issues and how these issues might be better addressed. The second session was very timely as it investigated our energy future on Hawaii Island. With the possible acquisition of HEI by NextEra many Hawai’i Island residents are very interested in potential energy solutions. The Hawai’i Island Energy Coopera-tive has been formed to try to create an energy co-op like the energy company on Kauai. The Hawai’i Island group was represented by Richard Ha and David Bissell the CEO of the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative was also a panel member. Jose Dizon represented Paniolo Power an energy company set up by the Parker Ranch. HELCO was represented by Kevin Waltjen, a project engineer. The Sierra Club was represented by long time energy expert Steve Holmes. It was a very interesting discussion with many excellent questions asked by audience members.
The last session of the day was focused on agriculture’s future on Hawai’i Island. This was a large panel composed of legislators Russell Ruderman and Richard Creagan, the director of the State Department of Agriculture Scott Enright, Bruce Matthews from the University of Ha-wai’i Hilo, Jason Van Tassell from Parker Ranch, and Tane Datta and Malian Lahey, local farm-ers and marketers. A large number of current problems were explored and much work remains to be done to allow great sustainability and self-sufficiency in our food production.
The convention was a great success and much thanks is deserved by event chairs Bar-bara Dalton, Michael Janovsky, and Patti Cook.
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County Chair  Phil Barnes Hawaii County Democrats
East Hawaii Vice Chair  John Ervin   Hawaii County Democrats
West Hawaii Vice Chair Barbara Dalton Hawaii County Democrats
Secretary Gretchen Klungness Hawaii County Democrats
Assistant Secretary Brandy Lonokapu Hawaii County Democrats
Treasurer Amy Miwa  Hawaii County Democrats
Assistant Treasurer Jay Kimura Hawaii County Democrats
District Chairs:    
District 1  Michael Janovsky Hawaii County Democrats 
District 2  Edwin Miranda Hawaii County Democrats 
District 3  Michael Klungness Hawaii County Democrats 
District 4  Philip Matlage  Hawaii County Democrats 
District 5  Steve Sakala Hawaii County Democrats 
District 6  Ron Gillespie  Hawaii County Democrats 
District 7  Patti Cook  Hawaii County Democrats 
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