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Aloha and welcome to the Democratic Party of Hawai'i County Website

The Hawai'i County Democratic Party Convention which will be held on Saturday May 6 at the Keauu High School Library. This should be an exciting convention with a very full agenda. We will be electing a new slate of officers to run the Hawaii County Democratic Party for the next two years and only convention delegates are allowed to vote in this election. There will be a panel discussion from Hawaii County Legislators about the results of the present... CLICK HERE for more Information and online registration

CLICK HERE to see the biographies of the 2017 Candidates for Hawaii County officer positions.

The Trump Administration Takes Over

If you are one of the many Democrats who were holding out against all odds that President Trump would be different from candidate Trump then your hopes were dashed when you listened to his inaugural address. Any hopes of a kinder - gentler administration were taken off the table....

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2017 Legislative Priorities - Margaret Wille

Help us to organize support for the legislative priorities that were passed by the party’s State Central Committee for the 2017 legislative session. In the article you will see the party’s priorities, how to track legislation, how to submit testimony, and how to network with others to achieve your goals.

Legislative Priorities, CLICK HERE

How you can become involved CLICK HERE
Environmental Caucus - Marilee Wallace

This report will give you the dates for the Environmental Caucus meetings during 2017 along with the major items that we are working on.  You will be able to attend these meetings by videoconference on your home computer.  Details on how to attend by video conference will be sent out to all Democrats who join the Environmental Caucus.
Caucus Update CLICK HERE

Women's March, January 2017
Position  Name email
County Chair  Phil Barnes Hawaii County Democrats
East Hawaii Vice Chair  John Ervin   Hawaii County Democrats
West Hawaii Vice Chair Barbara Dalton Hawaii County Democrats
Secretary Gretchen Klungness Hawaii County Democrats
Assistant Secretary Brandy Agliam Hawaii County Democrats
Treasurer Amy Miwa  Hawaii County Democrats
Assistant Treasurer Jay Kimura Hawaii County Democrats
District Chairs:    
District 1  Michael Janovsky Hawaii County Democrats 
District 2  Micah Alameda Hawaii County Democrats 
District 3  Deborah Billings Hawaii County Democrats 
District 4  Frankie Stapleton   Hawaii County Democrats 
District 5  Steve Sakala Hawaii County Democrats 
District 6  Franz Weber Hawaii County Democrats 
District 7  Margaret Wille Hawaii County Democrats 
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