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Aloha and welcome to the Democratic Party of Hawai'i County Website

A Brief History of the Hilo Grand Rally

During the plantation era, the political system was totally controlled by the wealthy plantation owners and they had aligned themselves with the Republican Party.

In the early 1950’s the unions came into the plantations and they were backing the Democratic Party which has historically been aligned with labor unions since the days of the New Deal.

After several years of organizing, the Democrats were aggressively going around the state to rally the newly empowered plantation workers to show up for their candidates. On the night before the General Election the Democratic organizers were making efforts to secure the Hilo Armory for the last Grand Rally before the election, but the Republicans, who were in charge of the local government on the Big Island, refused to rent the Armory to the Democrats for their Grand Rally.

Someone then came up with the idea that they could secure the Mo’oheau Bandstand, right on Hilo Bay, for their last (our first), Grand Rally of the 1954 election cycle. The tradition had been born.

The landslide election results from that 1954 election tectonically changed the political landscape of the Territory and later the State of Hawaii, which has always maintained a dominant Democratic majority ever since.

That is why, as the current active Democrats, we are obligated on carrying on this tradition, not just for the local rally, but it is incumbent that we support and maintain this sacrament for all those Hawaii Democrats whither so ever disbursed.

So Join us on Friday August 12 at 5 pm at the Mo’oheau Bandstand in downtown Hilo to keep this great tradition alive and well. Join the celebration and hear the candidates give you reasons for why they deserve your vote. Sign waving for your favorite candidates begins at 3:30. There will be free food provided by the various campaigns.

Michael Janovsky

Hawaii County Democratic Party Convention, April 30, 2016
Palamanui Campus Hawai'i Community College

Position  Name email
County Chair  Phil Barnes Hawaii County Democrats
East Hawaii Vice Chair  John Ervin   Hawaii County Democrats
West Hawaii Vice Chair Barbara Dalton Hawaii County Democrats
Secretary Gretchen Klungness Hawaii County Democrats
Assistant Secretary Brandy Lonokapu Hawaii County Democrats
Treasurer Amy Miwa  Hawaii County Democrats
Assistant Treasurer Jay Kimura Hawaii County Democrats
District Chairs:    
District 1  Michael Janovsky Hawaii County Democrats 
District 2  Micah Alameda Hawaii County Democrats 
District 3  Raina Dale Hawaii County Democrats 
District 4  Frankie Stapleton   Hawaii County Democrats 
District 5  Steve Sakala Hawaii County Democrats 
District 6  Franz Weber Hawaii County Democrats 
District 7  Patti Cook  Hawaii County Democrats 
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