2019 Hawaii County Bylaw Proposals: Section 3

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3.1 General. The duties of the officers of the HCC shall be those usually pertaining to the office concerned and specifically include any duties imposed by these Bylaws and Rules.

3.2 Chairperson. The Chairperson of the HCC shall have the power and duty to appoint Chairpersons and members of all committees unless otherwise specified, with the advice and consent of the HCC. The Chairperson shall consult with the Vice Chairperson for East Hawaiʻi and the Vice Chairperson for West Hawaiʻi in all committee appointments and balance the membership of all committees. The Chairperson shall be responsible for the calling of all meetings of the HCC, the giving of proper notice[1], and the arranging for meeting places for all meetings. The Chairperson shall also be responsible for attending meetings of the State Central Committee and its select committees, and for reporting the proceedings at such meetings to the next regular meeting of the HCC[2].

3.3 Vice Chairperson for East Hawaiʻi. The Vice Chairperson for East Hawaiʻi shall reside in either the First, Second, Third or Fourth Representative District shall be responsible for supporting the District Councils of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Districts to organize and carry out their responsibilities[3].

3.4 Vice Chairperson for West Hawaiʻi. The Vice Chairperson for West Hawaiʻi shall reside in either the Fifth, Sixth or Seventh Representative District and shall be responsible for assisting the Chairperson in supporting the District Councils of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Representative Districts to organize and carry out their responsibilities11.

3.5 Secretary. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the HCC and Executive Committee. These minutes shall be properly written and entered along with all written reports of committees in a book maintained for that purpose and turned over intact to the succeeding Secretary[4]. The Secretary shall be responsible for seeing that minutes and reports are available for review by interested Democrats at reasonable times[5][6].

3.6 Assistant Secretary. The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in carrying out the various duties assigned and shall perform the duties of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary.

3.7 Treasurer[7]. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all fund-raising activities within the County[8] and shall have custody of the HCC Treasury, which shall be deposited in a commercial bank in the name of HCC. The Treasurer shall be responsible for compliance with all laws concerning financial reporting required of the HCC, such as campaign spending laws. The Treasurer shall submit a written financial report at each regular meeting of the HCC. The Treasurer shall be responsible for seeing that all money is collected by duly authorized and identified persons, that receipts are given to contributors, and that a strict accounting is kept of all funds collected. The Treasurer shall be bonded in a reasonable amount determined by the HCC, and the premium will be paid from HCC funds[9]. The Treasurer shall sign all checks written on the HCC’s account. Checks over $200 shall be counter-signed by one of the following officers of the HCC: Chairperson, either Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Assistant Treasurer[10].

3.8 Assistant Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in carrying out the various duties assigned to the Treasurer, including signing checks for the Treasurer, and shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.

3.9.Poʻe Kanaka. TBD[11]


[1] Section 3A of the State Bylaws states in part:  “…Notice of the County Committee meetings shall be given in person, by telephone, by facsimile, by electronic mail or by mailing such notice to the last known address of each member not less than five (5) calendar days prior to the meeting.” We should petition the State Rules Committee to include publication on the County Party website as a means of informing members and ask them to get rid of any suggestion that the County Committee would telephone, mail, or fax notice to members.

[2] This paragraph should be reordered to put the calling of meetings first. It makes no mention of the Chair person presiding at the HCC meetings.

[3] These paragraphs do not give the same duties to the two Vice Chairpersons. It appears that the only duties of the Vice Chairpersons is to support the District Chairs.

[4] The concept of a “book” is obsolete.  This should be rewritten to include electronic storage.  It would be interesting to see what actually got turned over to the Secretary on assuming office.

[5] This is screaming out for a records management system. 

[6] The Secretarial duties should include working with District and Precinct Secretaries.

[7] This section does not include sufficient oversight of the Treasurer as the Treasurer has three of four functional roles (recording, custody, and reconciliation – the fourth is authorization) that are generally separated.  Furthermore, there is no discussion of the records that the Treasurer must keep and hand over to the next Treasurer.

[8] This phrase should be moved to a different place in the paragraph.

[9] As far as I know, we have not done this.

[10] We have never done this.  The only signatures that the bank recognizes are the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer and the County Chair. (note:  this part of the duties is an attempt at sequential separation, but it fails because there is no enforcement for very practical reasons.)

[11] The duties of the Poʻe Kanaka need to be defined.

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