2019 Hawaii County Bylaw Proposals: Section 2

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SECTION 2. HCC OFFICER ELIGIBILITY AND NOMINATIONS                                                 

2.1 Eligibility. Any member of the party residing in the County of Hawaiʻi may be elected an officer of the HCC, with the requirement that any member seeking the office of County Chairperson shall have been a member of the party for at least one year prior to the County Committee Officers’ election[1]. Elected officials, individuals appointed to fill an elected office, or candidates for elected office are not eligible to become County Chairperson[2]. If a District Chairperson, Precinct President, or District Council Representative is elected as an HCC Officer, that person shall automatically vacate the lesser office[3].

2.2 Nominations. A candidate for the office of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson for East Hawaiʻi. Vice Chairperson for West Hawaiʻi, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, or Assistant Treasurer[4] shall file nomination papers signed by not less than 10 current members of the DPH who reside in Hawaiʻi County or the Districts being represented[5], with the HCC Secretary at least 30 thirty days prior to the County Convention.


[1] Why is the requirement that a person must have been a party member for at least one year prior to the County Officer election only applicable to candidates for County Chair?  Note:  This requirement is also present in the KCC and MCC bylaws but is not present in the OCC bylaws.

[2] If a County Officer decides to run for elected office, do they have to step down from their County Officer position? If yes, when do they have to step down?

[3] This requirement is not present in the DPH Constitution, DPH Bylaws or OCC Bylaws.  A similar requirement is found in the MCC and KCC Bylaws.

[4] This list is missing the Po`e Kanaka positions.

[5] The “Districts being represented” refers to the East and West Hawaiʻi Vice Chairs.  The fact that neither of these officers is elected by the whole County calls into question the method for filling a County Chair vacancy in Section 4.2.

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