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Your contributions to the Hawaii County Democrats help us to communicate, communicate, communicate!  With such a large island, it can be difficult to stay in touch and coordinate our work for the benefit of Big Island.  Your support means we’re able to hold get-togethers around the island and our annual convention, maintain our new website to keep you informed, and ensure our voices are heard both locally and at the State level.

Donate Online

To sustain our work and improve our effectiveness, we are asking our members to sign up for monthly donations if at all possible. Even $5 per month from each of you will take us a long way towards achieving our goals!. To make a one-time or monthly donation use the DonorBox applet to the right.

Donate Via Check

You can also make donations via check—just send a check to:
Hawaii County Democrats PO Box 198900  #207 Hawi, HI 96719

Mahalo for your support!