2019 Hawaii County Bylaw Proposals: Section 1

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SECTION 1. HAWAIʻI COUNTY COMMITTEE                                                 

1.1 Authority. The Hawaiʻi County Committee (HCC) is established and authorized in accordance with ARTICLE IV, SECTION 1 of the General Laws of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi (DPH.)[1]

1.2 Duties and Responsibilities[2]. In accordance with ARTICLE IV, SECTION 8 of the General Laws of the DPH1, the duties and responsibilities of the HCC are: to establish and maintain an effective Democratic Party organization within Hawaiʻi County; to inform Democrats within the County of Democratic Party policies and activities, and to insure as large a vote as possible for Democratic candidates who support the policies and activities of the DPH and the HCC[3].

To accomplish these, the HCC may adopt positions consistent with platforms adopted by the State and County Conventions; and take all steps necessary to encourage officials of the County and State elected and appointed in the name of the Democratic Party, to support the platforms and principles of the Democratic Party[4].

The HCC will cooperate in carrying out the policies and programs of the State Central Committee (SCC.) Membership. The HCC shall consist of the elected county committee officers, the officers of the District Councils, and the members of the State Central Committee (SCC) who reside in Hawaiʻi County[5].   

As of the 2019 County Convention, the HCC membership will be expanded to include two Native Hawaiians (Po`e Kanaka) who will represent Hawaiʻi County Democratic Party as full members of the HCC in addition to communicating Native Hawaiian interests to the HCC. Thereafter, these two Native Hawaiian positions shall be elected by the delegates attending the County Convention in odd-numbered years[6].


[1] This reference is out of date. The General Laws of the DPH were superseded by the DPH Constitution and the DPH Bylaws nearly ten years ago.

[2] According to the DPH Constitution Article IV Section 1, the County Organization consists of all the members of the Party residing in the County, and between County Conventions, the affairs of the County are subject to the County Committee.

[3] Neither the DPH Constitution Article IV nor the DPH Bylaws Article IV define duties or responsibilities of the County Organizations.

[4] Some of these steps might include challenging the self-nomination of a candidate calling him or herself a Democrat.  This needs to be fleshed out.

[5] The OCC consists of the Executive Committee (elected County Officers and SCC members) and the District Council Chairs; the KCC consists of the District Council Chairs, two youth representatives, members of the SCC, and the elected County Officers; the MCC consists of the elected County Officers, the Precinct Presidents, the District Council Chairs and the Chair of each Official Party Caucus.

[6] This paragraph is in the wrong place and is no longer needed. However, Section 2.2 needs to be updated to include these positions.

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